Anthony Pearson

Anthony trained as an Actor/Musician at Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama for 3 years, leaving with a B.A.Hons degree from the University of Kent. After graduating he worked for Snap Theatre (4 months), White Horse Theatre (9 month tour of Germany and Japan) and (without doubt his favourite job) a tour of “Once a Catholic” for Bill Kenwright (6 months)

In 1998 he began to loose interest in his career as a professional actor, having found that in reality only 5% of a professional actors time is doing anything creative. His growing lethargy to the career was naturally frustrating to his hard-working agent who eventually dropped him. To this day he makes a small living by being a spotlight operator on various West End shows.

However, his lust for creativity endures and it was this mixed with his “geeky” love for computers that gave birth to an internet TV site called Tranquility Base (Presents). At first he appeared in all his films, but as the ideas developed he started to spend more time behind the camera, getting more involved in directing and producing. His favourite project to date is “The Hitch” which has been screened on Propeller TV – SKY channel 195.

Still from "A Life of Brian"

For his 30th birthday, he asked his friends to appear in a film he was making. “A Life of Brian” is half an hour long, his longest film project to date (co-produced with Alex Gater of

He later teamed up with Richard Leigh and devised, directed and co-produced the spoof magic show “Malcolm Marvelle – Master of Mystery and the lovely Rita

It ran for 4 seasons at the Jermyn Street Theatre in London and even had a small jaunt to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival.

The show is now called “The Twilight Ballrooms” and occasionally performs at Jermyn Street Theatre, London and Barons Court Theatre – produced by False Impressions. A short film of the same title is also in pre-production by Tranquility Base Presents, progress of which can be followed on The Twilight Ballrooms Movie Diary.

He has produced a series of very short sketch shows called “Insomnia” and has recently developed an appetite for post-production techniques, compositing and 3d modelling, as well as composing original music for his latest projects. To help pay the bills, he creates websites for actors and those in the entertainment industry – most of which can be found at