Twilight Movie Diary – E05

Twilight Movie Diary – E05

Recently got into a new site called Pinterest. I found the app version and downloaded to me iPad. Now I’m hooked. It allows to pin most (more or less) pictures on the internet into a folder on Pinterest. So if, you’re doing some compositing on FOG (see below) you can collect a folder of other peoples images to inspire you. Just inspire mind, no stealing! And I was inspired, though it’s your decision whether I actually got a decent foggy composite, rather than just a bleached effect!

Look familiar?

Look familiar?

Went to Brighton last month to see the Pet Shop Boys. Took a picture of what remains of the West Pier. Reminded me of another picture…. What d’ya think?

Heartland Production

If you ARE doing a Richard Curtis tribute, why not set that rustic wedding scene in Cornwall. This UK Video Production company also does a great little sideline producing its…

Aeronautic Pictures

You’ll probably find that concorde shot here, but they do have plenty of other categories too. Previewing shots, despite a watermark, are disappointingly small and the site could benefit from…


I’m still quite new to this site but it’s an impressive catalogue of stuff, much shot on Red and showcased well with good quality Quicktime streams. Register and you even…

Pond 5

A great selection of royalty-free stock video, sound effects and music. Plus you can also sell your own files through them. They have an extensive category listing and in each…