Post Office Tower Time Lapse

I do believe I put this on Facebook but for some reason completely missed the blog which, T-Base fans, really won’t do!

So here it is in it’s full, unashamed Koyannasqatsi rip off! Some of my first time lapses!

Creating a spooky theatre

An experiment with Rotascoping. Also this was originally shot just using an iPhone5s. Not bad quality, huh? One can make movies so cheaply these days!

Tranquility Base Presents Radio!

Radionomy LogoI always had this idea that I could set up a website which allowed you to run your own radio station. You would be given fake credits that allowed you to purchase stuff for your programming such as weather reports, on the hour announcements, news, travel information etc… and also allowed you to pay for the music tracks you play… al with virtual currency. You would offset your expenses by allowing real adverts to be played on your radio station. This would earn you more credits to spend on music. The whole thing would be a fun toy as well as a great way for the user to enjoy lots of music for free. Behind the scenes is where the magic would happen as these advertisers of yours would be paint real money to have their adverts listen too, the only difference is that they would only pay based on the listenership of that radio station (i.e. 1p/pp) This money would be used to go directly to the artists whose music appear (1p/pp). All relative – money per person listing to advert/track. The website would make money from handling this currency which, with a good following on the internet, could generate millions of pounds daily just in Britain alone! has got half that idea. It allows you to set up your own online radio stations for free! You are free to use their 80,000 track catalogue and can drop in your jingles. They could improve it by adding features such as weather etc as I mentioned previously, but it’s early days for this site. Their interface, though rigid, is quite well thought out both functionally and ergonomically. It’s protocol is thorough which you will realise is essential if you are going to run a radio station that ultimately broadcast online 24/7.There’s much to do. But that hasn’t stopped me setting up 3 radio stations which will all eventually appear as works in their own right. Firstly you have the general Tranquility Base Presents Radio, the next is fictional radio station called USFM Californian Coastline Radio and the final is the fictional Stenton Wick Motorway Service Station – the final two will hopefully evolve to take their fictional place in the world of Tranquility Base Presents!

True to form

What if…?

On-Pier-Rough3Have entertained the notion recently that the Twilight would look like a pavilion and it and the Rubicon rollercoaster, essential parts of the film, would be on a rotting pier rather than on the edge of a cliff. Radical I know. To help illustrate this I’ve done a rough mock up of what I mean. The Rubicon is at the back of the pier with the end part missing as per accident in 1973. The pavilion is a basic 3d model I’m working on based on the original pavilion at Victoria Pier in Colwyn Bay which itself was destroyed by fire in 1922 (the actual pier still stands but sadly has fallen into ruin). The pier structure used in this composite is a photo I took of the pleasure pier at Eastbourne. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Let me know what you think and whether the new look Twilight could be the way forward. Is it spooky or dangerous enough? Does it make you want to know it’s story, especially the collapsed roller coaster at the end? Feel free to add comments below. More composites to come!

Doesn’t rain but it pours

We have recently had a heatwave in London and along with the great weather comes other extremes, namely thunderstorms. Having not posted much of late, I thought I’d try and win favour back from my readers with a freebie. Here is a royalty free clip (not for resale) of it raining heavily to add to your sound library. Wow I hear you cry, but that’s not all! At 31 secs into the clip there is also a cracking piece of thunder (literally)! It happened right above my head and I thought the distortion would be too great, but it’s actually turned out nice. Download file here

Every great day has its end!

Music: Binary Sunset – John Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra (from Star Wars Episode IV)
(if it doesn’t play hit refresh)

New Pope elected – Exclusive!!

As excitement builds with the election of a new pope this week, Tranquility Base Presents exclusive behind the scenes footage of this historic moment.