A message from inside the
Twilight Ballrooms

More can be seen at www.thetwilightballrooms.co.uk

Movie Diary ep8

A demonstration on the wonders of stabilising footage from handheld cameras using motion tracking. Who needs a tripod on location when you’ve got a 4k phone?

Speed draw challenge

Just challenged myself to draw a 3d Dalek in just half an hour. Not great but don’t forget, I quit Art when I was 12. And this challenge felt more…

When baking goes wrong

Forget the Great British Bake Off – when you’re rendering goes wrong during the bake you get more than deflated soufflés.

Doris Kepelwick

The Auditions

Test titles!

Latest entry from the Twilight Ballrooms Movie Diary

Twilight Online

Get a flavour of the new film from Tranquility Base Presents by visiting www.thetwilightballrooms.co.uk – listen to some of the music, check out some of the scenery and read about…

Virtual studio

The benefits of shooting in a virtual set.

Tranquility Base is 50 today

It is 50 years to the day that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

The Tripods

My tribute to cult scifi classic The Tripods.

Sneak preview

Introducing my latest character and protagonist in “The Curse Of The Twilight Ballrooms”

Stranger 80’s

A throwback to the 80’s

Old door to Ballrooms

I found the old front door of the old Twilight model today. Question is, should I incorporate it into the New Twilight on the pier or is it not in…

Doctor Whittaker

To celebrate the news that the next Doctor Who is Jodie Whittaker, I’ve extended what I did back in 2014 and have produced my version of the Doctor Who titles….

More exterior shots

Here are some more exterior shots with a brief explanation of how they came to be. POSTSCRIPT: This week, the end of Colwyn Bay pier collapsed into the sea. Eerily…

Its hour will come…

Things may seem shut down and deserted round here….

Four Men in a Pub – Twilight Movie Diary

Since becoming a dad, the Twilight Ballrooms project has ground to a halt. That’s parenthood, there’s just no time to engage in the work required. So to sate your appetite…

Count Arthur Strong

A little reason why you shouldn’t miss the great comedy from Steve Delaney and Graham Linehan that is “Count Arthur Strong”

PramCam is here!

At the start of this year I became a father! As any parent will tell you, the new responsibility is a full time job. And that’s as well as the…

Sad day for Eastbourne

I visited Eastbourne for a photoshoot back in 2011 – for the Twilight Ballrooms project. I took many photos including many of the historic and famous Victorian pier. Sadly the…

Doctor Who time tunnel

My first attempt at a Doctor Who time tunnel

Solar Flares

My effort from the latest tutorial from Video Copilot.

New arrival

This short clip that I posted on Facebook seems to have gone down really well with the viewing public. Don’t know why? 😉

Post Office Tower Time Lapse

I do believe I put this time-lapse on Facebook but for some reason completely missed the blog, which T-Base fans, really won’t do!

Creating a spooky theatre

An experiment with Rotascoping. Also this was originally shot just using an iPhone5s. Not bad quality, huh? One can make movies so cheaply these days!

True to form

A little experiment with particles and the demo of Red Giants’s Form software.

What if…?

Have entertained the notion recently that the Twilight would look like a pavilion and it and the Rubicon rollercoaster, essential parts of the film, would be on a rotting pier rather than on the edge of a cliff.

Doesn’t rain but it pours

We have recently had a heatwave in London and along with the great weather comes other extremes, namely thunderstorms. Having not posted much of late, I thought I’d try and win favour back from my readers with a freebie. Here is a royalty free clip (not for resale) of it raining heavily to add to your sound library.

Every great day has its end!

Check out my fantastic time-lapse of a sunset in the Maldives taken earlier this year. You can tell it’s on the equator by the fact that the sun sinks absolutely vertically.

New Pope elected – Exclusive!!

As excitement builds with the election of a new pope this week, Tranquility Base Presents exclusive behind the scenes footage of this historic moment.