Mr Rock n Remix

This clip shows my recent experiment with a Vocoder. It basically takes an input such a vocal wave and sends it through the modulator of a synthesiser. Then when you play a chord on the synth, the input can be heard mixed with the chord that your playing on the synth. On a monotone level it can produce a robotic sound. Speak live through the mic/modulator input and you can get that robot to say anything.

It works very well with chords too as you’ll see here. I’ve used Lynsey Parkin’s sampled vocals that were used on Mr DeJa Vu which feature in Episode 3 of Insomnia.

The first part demonstrates (albeit not very subtle) how you an use this to thicken vocals. In the second part of this tune, you can see I’ve changed the chords away from the original tune altogether and it still works.
And here’s another experiment, a remix of the remix of the….

If you’ve not yet watched Insomnia – Episode 3 then this is the original