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This is "Dexter's Tune" by Randy Newman - from the film Awakenings (1991). Read more
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Forget the Great British Bake Off - when you're rendering goes wrong during the bake you get more than deflated soufflés. Read more
An important message from the Twilight Ballrooms - released at the start of lockdown. Read more
Latest entry from the Twilight Ballrooms Movie Diary. Find out why these titles got the boot! Read more
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A throwback to the 80's Read more
Things may seem shut down and deserted round here.... Read more
My first attempt at a Doctor Who time tunnel Read more
My effort from the latest tutorial from Video Copilot. Read more
This short clip that I posted on Facebook seems to have gone down really well with the viewing public. Don't know why? ;) Read more
I do believe I put this time-lapse on Facebook but for some reason completely missed the blog, which T-Base fans, really won't do! Read more
An experiment with Rotascoping. Also this was originally shot just using an iPhone5s. Not bad quality, huh? One can make movies so cheaply these days! Read more
A little experiment with particles and the demo of Red Giants's Form software. Read more
Have entertained the notion recently that the Twilight would look like a pavilion and it and the Rubicon rollercoaster, essential parts of the film, would be on a rotting pier rather than on the edge of a cliff. Read more
We have recently had a heatwave in London and along with the great weather comes other extremes, namely thunderstorms. Having not posted much of late, I thought I'd try and win favour back from my readers with a freebie. Here is a royalty free clip (not for resale) of it raining heavily to add to your sound library. Read more
Check out my fantastic time-lapse of a sunset in the Maldives taken earlier this year. You can tell it's on the equator by the fact that the sun sinks absolutely vertically. Read more
As excitement builds with the election of a new pope this week, Tranquility Base Presents exclusive behind the scenes footage of this historic moment. Read more
Happy New Year, but also Happy Anniversary. Yes can you believe it, 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of Tranquility Base Presents. To mark this milestone, I've put together a short film documenting the slow but steady evolution of this, my film making website, from the first ever shots with a webcam up to todays experiments with computer graphics and post production and the bits in between! Read more
Some great things happen by accident. Here, I turned a bit of footage into a winter scene by simply keying out a random colour from the grass and placing a white solid background behind. Not only does is get a snow effect but great frosting too. Read more
Recently got into a new site called Pinterest. I found the app version and downloaded to me iPad. Now I'm hooked. It allows to pin most (more or less) pictures on the internet into a folder on Pinterest. So if, you're doing some compositing on FOG (see below) you can collect a folder of other peoples images to inspire you. Just inspire mind, no stealing! And I was inspired, though it's your decision whether I actually got a decent foggy composite, rather than just a bleached effect! Read more
Quick experiment using the 3d import function in a demo version of Photoshop. Could be useful tools for compositing? Read more
What happens when you mix the music/lyrics of Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice with samples from the KLF's "What Time Is Love?" Read more
Happy Halloween from Tranquility Base Presents, plus a video of my day trip to my favourite spooky film location! Read more