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Latest Twilight Trailer

Latest trailer with brand new music by moi.

New Tunes

Here’s some new tunes I’ve been doing on what is my first album of ambient tunes. Might develop some further down the road.

More live piano

This bittersweet melody was originally composed for the third series of comedy TV show “The League Of Gentlemen”

Sneaky peek

For the 20th anniversary of this website, I’m pleased to give you a sneaky peek from the Twilight Ballrooms (or at least the pub near the Twilight)

More AI – Stable Diffusion

Another look at an AI generator. This time it’s the turn of Stable Diffusion.

AI – A revolution begins…

None of the images you are about to see actually exist in real life.
See what happened when Artificial Intelligence generated images of Wits End!

Synthwave III

My latest project using entirely original music and graphics.

Meanwhile, in the background…

Detail is key to making something believable. Here you can see one of the many background buildings in Wits End. A closed down fish bar called The Golden Chip. And there’s a little story to this. My family used to own a holiday chalet in Scratby (the original name for Wits End) in Norfolk. But …

Wireframe and why!

I’m working on a big sweeping shot from the foyer of the Twilight through to the auditorium. It’s one of my biggest shots so far in one take and brings with it a variety of challenges and workarounds. The biggest challenge involves the strain I put on my computer. The greater the strain, the longer …

Liminal Space

What does liminal space have to do with creepypasta?

Quick tip for keying

How to key out just the green screen and not the character. Top tip!

Psycho The Clown is official

Great news – our nemesis has gone legit

Wits End Archive

Unearthed archive footage of Wits End from 1979

The Planets

My first co-production with my (7 year old) son.

Planet textures

Here’s a great simple trick to get any extraterrestrial terrain you want and it’s closer than you think, despite being out of this world!


Ever wondered how to isolate vocals from the music and vice-versa?

Bit o’live piano

This is “Dexter’s Tune” by Randy Newman – from the film Awakenings (1991).

Synthwave Art

My foray into Synthwave Art

Covid 19

BBC rejects the new ident I did for them specially for the pandemic.

Farewell to Flash

2021 will see the end of Adobe Flash Player


And they say nerds can’t party!

Tranquility Showreel

“Tunnels & Spheres” – This year’s showreel, much of it courtesy of a lockdown and extra time on my hands. Everything here is by moi, including the music!

Moving clouds tutorial

A rare glimpse behind the scenes with a top tip for those doing post production on a budget!

The Sun Always Shines on TV

I did my very own cover of an A-ha classic using isolated vocals of the man himself!

Movie Diary ep8

A demonstration on the wonders of stabilising footage from handheld cameras using motion tracking. Who needs a tripod on location when you’ve got a 4k phone and stabilisation software? This is taken from my jaunt to Blackpool, just before lockdown!

When baking goes wrong

Forget the Great British Bake Off – when you’re rendering goes wrong during the bake you get more than deflated soufflés.

Doris Kepelwick

A bit of casting today – of the virtual kind.

Lockdown: An important message from the
Twilight Ballrooms

An important message from the Twilight Ballrooms – released at the start of lockdown.

Test titles!

Latest entry from the Twilight Ballrooms Movie Diary. Find out why these titles got the boot!

Twilight Online

Get a flavour of the new film from Tranquility Base Presents by visiting www.thetwilightballrooms.co.uk – listen to some of the music, check out some of the scenery and read about its blighted history. Then thank your lucky stars you’ve never been there for a holiday! If you check the site out during the Christmas period …

Virtual studio

The benefits of shooting in a virtual set.

Tranquility Base is 50 today

It is 50 years to the day that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

The Tripods

My tribute to cult scifi classic The Tripods.

Sneak preview

Introducing my latest character and protagonist in “The Curse Of The Twilight Ballrooms”

Stranger 80’s

A throwback to the 80’s

Old door to Ballrooms

I found the old front door of the old Twilight model today. Question is, should I incorporate it into the New Twilight on the pier or is it not in keeping and too ornate.I’m stumped cos I quite like it. The original was not my drawing btw but from a royalty free library and then …

Doctor Whittaker

To celebrate the news that the next Doctor Who is Jodie Whittaker, I’ve extended what I did back in 2014 and have produced my version of the Doctor Who titles. The new time-tunnel is essentially a donut in Element 3d – check out this tutorial to see what I mean

More exterior shots

The history and evolution of the Twilight Ballrooms concept. From a house shaped theatre perched on top of a crumbling cliff to its final incarnation, a crumbling variety hall on a pier in Wits End. This video will show the real life venue that inspired it – a venue that sadly burnt down almost 100 …

Its hour will come…

Things may seem shut down and deserted round here….

Four Men in a Pub – Twilight Movie Diary

Since becoming a dad, the Twilight Ballrooms project has ground to a halt. That’s parenthood, there’s just no time to engage in the work required. So to sate your appetite and in a rare entry for the Twilight Ballrooms’ Movie Diary these days, I’ve decided to release this rough clip of an experiment I did …