Tranquility Wifi

Nothing excites me more than that feeling of realisation that you can do something and it’s much simpler than you think. One such things I discovered last night. Using my phone’s 3G to connect my iPad online. And what’s more it’s wireless. My humble Galaxy Ace has under tether settings, something called Mobile AP, which believe it or not doesn’t stand for Anthony Pearson. Actually it stands for Access Point and it turns your phone into a mini wifi hotspot. I can even connect my walkman to it!

20120515-204527.jpgTo prove it’s use, I am doing this entry at my local pub on my iPad, which only has wifi. The 3G access is from my phone. And here is a picture of my food. I did want to test it somewhere more remote like the top of Primrose Hill but it has been chucking it down all day.

This post was also done using the official WordPress app which I also have on my Android phone. I know what you’re thinking….why not just do the post from my phone. But all this typing would have much more fiddley. The app is great for posts and pages, but not so good for anything else like media management, CSS and plugins etc…