Sneaky peek

I have fought off posting any clips of the Twilight Ballrooms safe for the trailer. However, this year marks the 20th anniversary of me starting this website and I couldn’t let it pass without doing something.

In 2015 I posted a clip of an opening scene from the movie. It was chiefly my first attempt at playing four characters at the same time and the technical challenges that involved. Well I’ve decided that given the script hasn’t changed, I will post the same scene again but from the finished film, so you can compare the two. The accents are still dreadful but YES it’s a first glimpse of the movie and the weird animated world of Wits End! Enjoy.

And given this posts theme is “money for old rope” I guess I can plug the anniversary film I did 10 years ago for that anniversary too!

Happy 10th Anniversary


Happy New Year, but also Happy Anniversary. Yes can you believe it, 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of Tranquility Base Presents. To mark this milestone, I’ve put together a short film documenting the slow but steady evolution of this, my film making website! From the first ever shots with a webcam up to todays experiments with computer graphics and post production and the bits in between! Plus some previously unseen footage (lucky you!) I’d like to dedicate this film to all those who have got involved with the projects! Enjoy and Happy 2013!

10th Birthday in 2013

Next year Tranquility Base will celebrate it’s 10th Birthday! So if I find anything of historical value from the archives I shall stick it on the site. First up is the original T-Shape which was designed by Alex Treadway. Here are some of the original photos used. The plan (oh so many plans!) had been to do a short film about a stand-up comedian who bombed. As he took his bow it would become the logo. So earlier plans had been of this ilk, until towards the end of the shoot we tried the now infamous “Tadah!” shot which won the day! I was in my late twenties when these were taken, long before I decided to dye my hair grey and deliberately put on weight!

Ray of Light (uncompleted)

Found this little gem from the Tranquility Base Archive. Kylie Vilcins plays “Adelaide” in the rather weird monologue shot around the same time as Starmaker (in which she can also be heard singing “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts”) Although uncompleted, there is something appealing about the character. She reminds me of an Australian Kristen Schaal.

Old clips

Well, I have finally purchased dedicated web-space for this website and have spent most of the week moving files. Like any move you find items that you’d completely forgotten about. Here is one example, a trailer I did from 2006, to the Star Trek theme. Reminds me of the projects that were hot at the time!

My how times have changed, as this next clip will no doubt demonstrate too. It was skit that was part of a genuine campaign back at the 2005 general election (hence the crappy dry speech at the end). The music is original too. They say a week is a long time in politics. 6 years is a veritable lifetime ago!